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Our star of the week - Cell-1 - Perfect facial skin with snail extract

Cell-1 - Perfect facial skin with snail extract
In Korea, face masks with snail extract have been a must-have for beauty-conscious Koreans for several years. And rightly so, because snail extract with its valuable active ingredients is a true beauty elixir for the skin. Due to its positive effects, it effectively contributes to accelerating cell regeneration and supports the skin, for example, in the treatment of skin irritations, pimples and wrinkles. Ingredients such as natural antibiotics, which eliminate harmful skin germs and prevent infections, as well as allantoin, glycolic acid, elastin, collagen and vitamins A, C, E, which build up, regenerate and revitalise the skin, make snail extract a unique healing and caring cosmetic, which is primarily used in face creams, body lotions and hand creams.
It is important to know that the use of snail extract has no side effects for humans or animals.

The positive properties attributed to snail extract made us curious, so we tested the product cell-1 gel extensively.
When used regularly, cell-1 is said to improve the appearance of the skin and visibly reduce scars and stretch marks. At the same time, cell-1 is completely free of side effects, very well tolerated and suitable for all skin types. We thought it was too perfect to be true and tested the cell-1 gel for three months. A total of four people with different skin types took part in the test. Two participants with impure, large-pored skin, one participant with dry skin and one with normal to oily facial skin. The first two weeks after twice daily application were very nourishing. The skin felt very soft overall and small wrinkles were reduced. The gel is also ideal as a make-up base, as it is non-greasy and absorbs immediately, the foundation adheres perfectly and does not run even after hours. Powder becomes superfluous. Large pores and acne scars are actually reduced. After 3-4 weeks, I noticed a fresher and more refined complexion and a skin-firming effect. Skin irritations and inflammations have visibly improved.

Conclusion: The first skin care results are not visible immediately, but only after 3-4 weeks. The product has exceeded our expectations. The combination of active ingredients with snail extract has proved particularly effective for problem skin such as pimples, inflammation, sun-damaged skin and skin with large pores. But the snail extract in cell-1 gel is also an effective skin care product for wrinkles, stretch marks, crow's feet and dry skin. Great, it doesn't get any better than this!

cell-1 products are available exclusively in pharmacies and drugstores.