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Today it's time for "real talk" again. We also want to talk about the unattractive things that bother us and are simply part of life: Stretch marks, blemishes, wrinkles, blemishes and scars.

I, for example, have pretty blatant scarring - even from mosquito bites. This year I was so allergic to mosquito bites that they mostly got totally infected. What's left behind? Dark scars that don't look very nice. Of course nothing that is bad in any way, but hey it's about feeling good - and with that I just didn't feel good at all in the last months!

In the course of this, I was asked to try out the new cell-1 gel, which is based on snail extract. Yes, you heard me right. Snail extract. Let me tell you a story from my past and why I was so motivated to test the product:

When I was a child, I had a wart on my foot. Again, not such a nice fact, but that's how it was! And I can still remember my mother telling me that we should put a slug on that spot on my foot. Slugs are supposed to help, according to countless sources. At that time I was not so convinced, but it worked anyway!

Today, I wouldn't put a snail on my skin anymore, but this product has now been launched on the market, which of course made it totally interesting for me: The cell-1 cell regenerating skin gel with snail extract.

It is supposed to be a true all-in-one cosmetic product that can be used on the whole body.

What it promises exactly: Effective action against wrinkles, skin blemishes, spots, scars and stretch marks.

It is said to refine the pores and improve the skin's appearance through a skin-firming effect. It can be applied selectively, depending on where you have a problem area. In addition, according to the description, it is free of side effects and should therefore be suitable for all skin types. As a sensitive skin type, I had high expectations of the product!

I have been applying it very thinly in the morning and in the evening for about two months, and if I forget to apply it in the morning, I just apply it in the evening. I specifically applied it to my scars and stretch marks to see if my symptoms had diminished after the test phase. For more serious blemishes, I even used the gel on my face.

My conclusion: I really have the feeling that my scars have healed better and the dark spots have become lighter. I also had the impression that when I applied a thin layer of Cell-1 Gel to my face at night before going to bed, I had better healed blemishes the next morning - and all this without getting an allergy. The gel is also absorbed very quickly and is therefore a super pleasant product, even for the hotter months. By the way, I also used the matching hand cream and body lotion, which smell really good to my taste and care for my skin sufficiently.

So for me, it is a definite buy recommendation - by the way, I also gave my mother a sample and she has already reordered the product!